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Teak Garden
Furniture Care

Teak which being a Tropical Hardwood, will last for many years even when left outside in the heat waves and humidity of the summer to the sub zero temperatures in winter our furniture is built to last all weather conditions.

If left untreated, your furniture will gradually fade to an elegant silver-grey colour. Being a natural product, teak is long lasting and hard wearing .

Do not be alarmed if cracks may appear , this is a perfectly normal characteristic known as ‘checking’ and will not affect the structural integrity of your furniture. As the moisture in the atmosphere rises, the timber will return to normal


If an un-weathered appearance is desired, treat your furniture with a suitable good quality wood treatment like a a UV resistant oil or Teak Protector

When using any oil , never apply over accumulated dirt or grime as this will discolour your furniture and may cause blackspots.

We advise to let it weather naturally due to low maintenance .
Oil will not prolong the life of teak , its all down to personal reference in terms of retaining the colour.

About once a year, or before using any oil , your furniture should be cleaned. To remove everyday dirt, wash with warm soapy water and stiff scrubbing brush, alternatively carefully pressure wash with a fan nozzle. When dry your furniture should be lightly sanded always sand with the direction of the grain not across it and use very fine sandpaper. Any spillages should be wiped with a dry cloth as soon as they occur. Always ensure bolts are tightened where necessary (Steamers, pool loungers).

Always follow manufacturers guidelines when using stains, oils etc.

Always lift furniture, do not drag.



Maintenance is a relatively simple annual affair. It should be undertaken end Spring early Summer during a dry spell.

A a coating of natural wood preservative.  Cuprinol or Ronseal wood preservative.  Any all-purpose garden shed / fencing wood preservative will do. Take note that this is not the same as teak oil or furniture oil. Use a wide brush

Before applying, the sculpture must be completely dry. Mix the coating well and apply liberally from the top down using a wide brush 



It is purely down to personal preference whether to oil teak garden furniture. It doesn’t affect the wood in any way. This is because teak has a naturally high content of oil, it isn’t necessary to treat. Left untreated, Teak will weather to an elegant silvery grey.

Any type of oil will just coat the outer layer of the wood and leave a sheer appearance. Oiling teak garden furniture is however favourable if retaining the colour when purchased is required.


From time to time, it may be that you notice black spotting on areas of your furniture. Although it looks unsightly, it can be removed and will not affect the structure in anyway.

It is only on the top surface and is caused by a change in humidity or if it is placed in a damp area of the garden. To remove these marks, we recommend using a stiff scrubbing brush and a bottle of teak cleaner. This is specifically designed to target those areas and prevent its return. It can be bought either from ourselves or in most reputable garden centres. Follow this with a light sanding to finish.









Our teak is sourced from a sustainable plantation on the island of Java. These plantations are owned by the Indonesian government who follow a stringent policy monitoring the number and sizes of the trees felled each year.

Accompanying this the policy they operate is a successful replanting program.

The legality of our products is assured through the Timber legality assurance system ( SVLK ).

We care about our planet and are delighted to be retailers of environmentally friendly teak. We have worked meticulously hard over the years to reach both levels of assurance and quality.

Teak is also a favourable choice for the environment as it is naturally pest resistant eliminating the need for insecticides and other harsh chemicals.

As teak is a hard wearing, durable wood, it is built to stand the test of time. This means you won’t be replacing your furniture for many years. Saving the planet from yet more unwanted waste.

Commitment to sustainability

We know how important it is to look after our planet, and we think it imperative that we ‘do our bit’ in operating a sustainable business. Working with the Tree4Trees plantation programme, we’ve partnered with local Indonesian communities to renew the environment through reforestation services.

All our furniture is V-Legal certified* with the wood coming from documented legal sources. Through our partnership with Trees4Trees we plant two trees for every one that is used in making our furniture.
* Indonesian government certification scheme created in collaboration with the FSC.

What is Tree4Trees™?

Tree4Trees™ is a programme running under the Sustainable Green Earth Foundation which is a non-profit organisation.

Tree4Trees™ operates in Indonesia – from where we source our Teak and create our garden furniture.  Tree4Trees™ partners with local Indonesian communities to renew the environment through reforestation and offers education and other related services. The great work being done by Tree4Trees™ is funded by a portion of the revenue from every piece of furniture made and sold within the Trees4Trees™ programme.

We really like working with Trees4Trees™ because they are operating directly and effectively on the ground in Indonesia where we have our furniture production centre. They are not some international, top heavy bureaucratic organisation. They are making a difference to the communities that we actually know of and care about.





Teak Furniture warranty :


All our furniture is handmade using solid Teak (natural wood). As it is handmade, we cannot guarantee any consistency of size, colour, grain, or markings in the wood. You may find slight variations in size, angles, and design from time to time, but this is the beauty of buying a quality handmade product.


Hairline cracks will be present in the wood. This is normal and appears in the grain of the wood. This will not affect the longevity or the usability of the products, it’s part of the character and part of buying and owning quality Teak furniture


 We guarantee that our products will be fit for purpose. We offer a one-year warranty from the time of purchase on all our Teak furniture. If you find that the product is faulty or broken

we will repair or replace the furniture free of charge, subject to our discretion.


What does our warranty not cover? - Normal wear and tear - Damage due to misuse - Unreasonable use - Unauthorised repairs - Damage caused by parasols - Infestation - Negligence - Changes in weather conditions


 Cosmetic defects: Fine cracks in timber, known as “checking” that is a normal aging process of timber or Products purchased for commercial use

 If you have purchased any of your extending tables, we’d recommend that you wax the runners when you receive your table to preserve its life span.

Please note: Your warranty doesn’t cover ‘checking’, which is small cracks in the wood. This is a natural process that your furniture will go through. ‘Checking’ is likely to occur at the end of the grain. It’s nothing to worry about & it doesn’t affect the quality of the wood.



You can cancel your order up to 7 calendar days after you’ve placed an order with us. Simply send us an email or give us a call and this will be processed immediately. 

All returns must be in a saleable condition. You must bear the cost of returning the goods to us. Refunds / exchanges will be made when we have received the goods back.

PLEASE NOTE: In all cases – We cannot accept returns on any furniture OR sculpture once it has been treated with any sealants or oils also if the furniture has been assembled and dowels have been inserted 


: The application of sealants or oils will invalidate your rights to return

Goods that have been purchased within our SHOW PRICE OFFERS or DISPLAY SET SALE; warranty is only covered for a period of 30 days.


We fulfil all of our deliveries with our own vehicle fleet and trained drivers in order to maintain a high level of customer service and to minimize damage in transit.

We deliver to mainland England, Wales and parts of Scotland

.Delivery to parts of Scotland will be advised of the cost after receiving the order. We regret we don’t deliver to the Highlands or the Islands.

We usually deliver within two weeks of receiving your order or when we are at our peak season up to four weeks.

Should we have insufficient stock, we will notify you on this and can refund the order or place on a waiting list.


We regret we don’t offer delivery overseas. Should you wish to arrange your own courier, this can be arranged.

Smaller items such as cushions, some parasols and accessories will be delivered via Parcelforce or other courier. These will generally be dispatched within  7-10 working days

Should we have insufficient stock we will contact you  .

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